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Jason believes therapy is a place for the spectrum of human experience, including: humor, imagination, and genuine human connection. He brings an empathic and playful style to the room, using a psychoanalytic approach, as well as a background in the Arts and early development. Jason collaborates with clients to explore their identity, family history, and the therapeutic relationship, igniting curiosity and creative ways to tend to life's difficulties. Through this, he has found clients are able to identify what may be blocking them from their goals. Ultimately, Jason believes that integrating difficult parts of ourselves, rather than demanding we shed them, will lead to healing, strength, and happier relationships. And though difficult emotions may arise, the discoveries and connections formed in therapy can be a joyous and freeing experience.

Through his work, Jason remains culturally sensitive and attuned to the needs of differing family systems and phase-of-life stages. 

Feel free to connect with Jason to see how you feel about working together.

Psychoanalytic Therapy

An in-depth form of therapy. The client learns what feelings & wishes drive their patterns of thinking and behavior in order to discover new choices over how they think and act. 



Not just meditation, but an ability to reflect on the present moment. Cultivating this skill can reduce stress, increase insight, and positively impact our relationships. 

Culturally sensitive

An understanding that people from different backgrounds have different values, practices, and beliefs, and incorporating these differences when working with individuals, families, or children.

play therapy for children

Play therapy allows therapists to communicate with children through their most accessible medium: imagination. Because children develop cognitive skills before language skills, play is an effective way to understand a child's needs.

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