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Parents & families



Areas Of Specialty

 • Anxiety      • Depression     • Gender/ Sexuality       • Trauma       • Grief/Loss        


Life Transitions and Relationship concerns

• Jason has found a profound alliance with those navigating big life transitions and relationship challenges. Many of these clients have been grieving a loss, navigating new career demands, wrestling with trauma, or struggling to balance connection with independence. 


• With a specialized focus in child development from Antioch University, and intensive training from The Maple Center Child & Family Program, Jason utilizes play therapy, psychoanalytic process, and imagination to connect with child clients. Jason has formed especially strong bonds with children ages 3-8, and 13+, helping them to articulate difficult emotions, while discovering personal and safe ways to find balance.

Entertainment Professionals/Creative Artists

• With over 20 years of his own professional experience in the Arts, Jason innately understands both the pleasure, and pain, of a life dedicated to creative pursuits. Through the ups and downs of an often-volatile industry, Jason hopes to be a steady and empathic collaborator for creative individuals.



• Jason has worked with parents and family units at The Maple Counseling Center, The Westside Jewish Community Center, and The Boys and Girls Club of America.  To help navigate the ever-evolving demands of parenting in the modern world, Jason helps parents tend to their own needs, while utilizing self-reflection, and an ability to see the world through their children's eyes.

First Generation & Immigrant backgrounds

• Through his own immigrant and first-generation experiences, Jason understands the challenge of honoring family history, while trying to maintain ones own sense of self. Oftentimes, guilt over what ancestors experienced, anger in being misunderstood, and anxiety of the unknown are prevalent in these communities. In his work, Jason aims to integrate and empower the multicultural experience, rather than allowing it to oppress. 

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